Dear guests,

Welcome to Moscow… and beyond!

We greet foreigners visiting the capital of Russia.

“Moscow…and beyond” is for those tourists who look for accurate and truthful information about a city. We offer interesting private tours with an inspired guide.

We try to make Moscow accessible and offer affordable prices.

We also recommend you to visit Art/Events page, where we publish posts on the Russian art and interesting events in Moscow.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions (Contact page). We are always at your disposal!

Walking Tour in 5 steps

  1. Find schedule on our website – the tour usually takes place 2 times a week.
  2. Go to the meeting point – it is always Kamergersky lane, near Chekhov statue (the plan is available on Walking Tour page).
  3. Find our guide, he or she will hold a bag or a folder with “Moscow…and beyond” logo.
  4. Pay for your tour in cash.
  5. Enjoy your tour!

Private Tours in 5 steps

  1. Think about which sights you would like to see in Moscow or chose one of our options (check Private Tours page).
  2. Contact us by any possible means to book your tour.
  3. Name the place where you want to meet with the guide, it can be your hotel/hostel or any other place.
  4. Pay for the tour in cash.
  5. Enjoy your tour!