Art A-Z: O – Opekushin Aleksandr

Aleksandr Mikhailovich Opekushin (1838, Svechkino, near Yaroslavl – 1923, Rybnitsy, near Yaroslavl) – sculptor.

In 1862, he received silver medal for bas-relief Angel and was gained eight to attend sculptor classes at the Academy of Art.

Opekushin worked together with Mikeshin on the monument Millennium of Russia (1862) in Novgorod.

In 1872 he was gained status of academic of art foe the statue of Peter the Great (bronze).

Since 1872 Opekushin worked on the statue of A.Puskin, which was unveiled  in 1880 in Moscow.

A.Pushkin, Moscow

Author of the statue of poet M.Lermontov in Piatigorsk (1889).

His late works statue of Aleksandr II in the Kremlin and Aleksandr III (see up) near the Cathedral of Christ the Savior were destroyed in 1918.


M.Lermontov, Piatigorsk

Interesting Fact

Statue of A.Pushkin on Strastnoi boulevard is considered the most well-known in Moscow, it is a popular meeting point in the center.


Learn more about Opekishin’s statue of Aleksandr II in the course of our tour in the Kremlin.

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